Thursday, 10 October 2019

Genuine Kent Peg Tiles

Underside of Peg Tiles

Made in Great Britain

Handmade clay peg tiles used in a very traditional way, give a view that would have been very familiar to roofers of yesteryear.

For centuries, clay peg tiles hung from wooden battens or lathes, using wooden pegs would have been the norm.

The use of modern insulation and breather membranes means we rarely see the simplistic beauty of this very old form of roof tiling.

The process of hand making clay peg tiles has changed little over the years allowing conservation projects to be roofed in a sympathetic manner.

If your next roof needs English handmade clay peg tiles, give Tudor a call 01797 320202.

All made in Britain in Kent.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

So you think we only do ornamental club tiles?

Over the years, we have made many bespoke variations of 'ornamental tiles' to match customer requirements, and even very rare Fishscale tiles and Castle tiles.

The picture below shows our standard range, all available in any of our standard colours.

From L to R-    Snubnose, Fishtail, Bullnose, Club, Double Shouldered Club, Diamond and Arrowhead.

Telephone 01797 320202 for more details

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Ridge Tile Selection

Ridge selection is often based on aesthetics. But the performance of the ridges is critical to the integrity of any roof.

Third round ridges (seen here on the left), are often used in place of traditional bonnet hips.

Half round ridges (far right) offer greater weather protection, and generally use less mortar on traditional roofs.

Hogs back ridges (center) generally work well on roof pitches between 40 and 45 degrees.
We have come across projects where the use of hogs back ridges has not been possible because of their lack of height clearance. So whether they are mortared down, dry fixed, or a combination of both, choosing the right ridge is an important consideration. 

Tudor handmade ridges are available in all of our standard colours to match your tile choice. Additionally, baby ridges and mono ridges are part of our standard range of fittings, all made in Lydd Kent.

Saturday, 15 June 2019


Tudor Roof Tiles makes it's seconds and surplus tiles available direct to the local tradesmen and public.

Tudor tiles are now available direct from the factory at Lydd, TN29 9JH

Thousands of slight seconds and surplus tiles to choose from ... all in stock to take away.

read more on Tudor Roof Tiles blog:

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Tudor admire roofer Justin Sollis on his London to Athens bike ride for charity.

Tudor admire roofer Justin Sollis on his London to Athens bike ride for charity. 

Justin is attempting to do a 2,000+ mile bicycle ride from London to Athens in a 3 week time-frame. 

Accompanied only by fellow bicycle enthusiast Steven Lock, they are currently in Italy having started on June 1st 2019. With only the equipment and needs they carry with them on their bikes, this feat of endurance is being done to raise funds for their charities. 

“I am in awe of these two men, and absolutely admire their physical strength and mental determination. To ride over 2,000 miles, at a rate of 60 to 100 miles per day, for no greater self benefit than their own pride, and without any publicity, puts me to shame when I consider my own lack of exercise and widening girth.” (says Paul Lythgoe, Managing Director at Tudor Roof Tiles)

A long time user of Tudor Roof Tiles, Justin clearly shows his praise of Tudor by wearing our logo proudly on his T-shirt. 

Thank you Justin and Steven from all us lesser beings.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Tudor Roof Tiles Appoint New Sales Director

Tudor has promoted Lawrence Cooper to the Board of Directors in the position of Sales Director.


Lawrence has been with the company for fourteen years, firstly as Area Sales Manager, and then with the added role of Business Development Manager, and his promotion follows his success in those roles.

With extensive graphic design experience gained from having his own Company in the Design and Print industry, Lawrence has also spearheaded Tudor's marketing artwork and is the creator of the company brochures, logo and Flickr gallery since 2005.

“I am delighted to be able to promote Lawrence to this role, further strengthening our Board of Directors and I look forward to him being involed in the strategic growth and continued success of the business in the future,” says Paul Lythgoe, Managing Director at Tudor Roof Tiles.

Lawrence will continue to provide the high level of attention and service that customers in the South and South West of England have always benefited from, and he can be contacted on 07850 884 655.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Tudor Roof Tiles help transform 'Ugly House to Lovely House'


Tudor tiles helping to transform an 'ugly house to lovely house'.
Chanel 4, 28th March 2019, 8.00pm.